leaky gut syndrome Let’s face it we don’t trust what we can’t feel.  If you’ve been trying to lose weight, eat better or simply avoid eating too much, you need mind-body therapy to help you feel in your bones all that you wish to feel instead.  We have a rich language for all that we don’t want or want to avoid, but until our language – verbal and non-verbal – changes to project what it is in our core we want instead, we’re just not going to achieve it.  And we know there’s more to food issues than losing weight and feeling healthy.
There’s no magic to using energy healing (a mind-body therapy) to break energy-draining food patterns. It’s a system that connects our minds to the intelligence of our bodies through sensory exercises and bio-feedback. Cultivating inner-listening and inner-seeing skills is therapeutic, healing and sustainable.
We often see the patterns in others before they see it in themselves.  They’re experiencing a disconnect with their inner self and it may be destroying their health or well-being, but until they notice it they will keep going.  They can’t feel it yet so back on the hamster wheel they go and nothing you say can stop them because even if they realize it, they cannot stop sabotaging themselves.

organic vegetables Does this sound like your relationship with food?  Do you eat more during times of stress, loneliness or dis-ease?  Do food-centered events make you nervous?

If you’ve answered yes, then contact one of our integrative practitioners who can help you reconnect with your inner self and break that energy-draining pattern. Food will cease to have control over you.  Get the answers, tools and support you’ve been waiting for and build that loving relationship with yourself, the most important relationship of your life and the model for all other relationships.