Integrative Subscription Plans

Personalized Care To Meet Your Individual Needs

Functional Medicine is journey and works best when there is a mutual commitment between you and your physician. Consistency and adherence to a plan leads to better accountability and healthcare outcomes.

Benefits of our Subscription Plans

  • Physician is able to allocate the appropriate amount of time and expertise to get to the root cause of your health concerns.
  • Continuous communication and keeps everyone motivated to achieve your health goals.
  • Includes Lifestyle and Nutrition consults focused on optimizing your nutrition, sleep, exercise, detox and stress management.
  • High quality functional medicine care at affordable prices. No surprise charges and zero copay.

New Patient Functional Assessment

Schedule your new patient appointment to meet with the functional medicine practitioner and our Health Coach to get a feel for the benefits of personalized medicine.

  • Ideal for getting an overall health assessment
  • 90 minute consultation with functional medicine practitioner
  • Advanced biomarker testing and analysis

  • 45 minute consult with health coach
  • Wellness and Lifestyle Plan
*New Patient Visit amount can be applied to one of the subscription plans below.

Subscription Plans

Focus Plan

Great for anyone wanting to focus on their primary health concern and experience the benefits of Functional Medicine. Get started on your journey to optimum health.
  • 6 months of care
  • Upto 180 mins of consult time (in-person/online)

  • Functional Medicine Assessment
  • Advanced biomarker testing and analysis

  • 3 health coaching consults (online)

  • Free InBody scan per each office visit
  • Lifestyle Guidance
  • Discounts on supplements & other services
  • Portal messaging access
*See FAQ below for lab costs


Comprehensive Plan

Perfect for anyone starting or continuing your Functional Medicine journey to resolve your health problems such as autoimmune, hormone balancing, thyroid, gut health, etc.
  • 12 months of care
  • Upto 225 minutes of consult time (in-person/online)

  • Annual Functional Medicine Assessment
  • Advanced biomarker testing
  • 5 health coaching consults (online)

  • 4 Free InBody scans
  • Lifestyle Guidance
  • Discounts on supplements & other services
  • Portal messaging access

Maintenance Plan

Ideal for anyone looking to maintain optimal health using a Functional Medicine approach and enjoy a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Prevention is better than cure.
  • 12 months of care
  • Upto 135 mins of consult time (in-person/online)

  • Annual Functional Medicine Assessment
  • Advanced biomarker testing and analysis

  • 2 health coaching consults (online)

  • Free InBody scan per each office visit
  • Lifestyle Guidance
  • Discounts on supplements & other services
  • Portal messaging access

Frequently Asked Questions

Best plan for me

Our integrative practitioner will thoroughly review your medical history before and during your first visit. Based on your current medical conditions, recommendations will be provided for the appropriate Subscription Plan that best fits your individual needs.

Communication with my Physician or Healthcare Provider

One of the greatest benefits of the subscription model is that you can have direct secure access to the physician, nurse practitioner or other healthcare practitioners via the patient portal. Every attempt is made to respond to your secure messages within 24-48 business hours.

Secure messaging is ideal for follow up questions, updates, and support. Any new concerns are best addressed by scheduling a short phone or virtual consult.

Scheduling Visits

At the end of your visit, our wellness coordinators will do their best to schedule your next visit with your integrative practitioner or health coach. Visits can be in person, via phone or video conference.

You can also request appointments from the patient portal.

Our wellness coordinators and health coach help to keep you on track with your visits and treatment plan. However, it is your responsibility to ensure you use all your yearly services.

Virtual or In Person Consults

Your visits can be in person, via phone, or video consults.

While we prefer to see our patients in our office, in view of the current challenging situation, we are providing our services via a secure, HIPAA compliant TeleHealth platform for new and existing patient visits.

More than half of our patients prefer to use the Telehealth video conferencing option from the comfort of their home while saving valuable travel time.

For more details on our TeleHealth services, click here.

Primary Care Doctor

Our integrative practitioners specialize in functional medicine and cannot replace your primary care physician. We are not available for same day acute issues or for insurance reimbursed physicals which are best handled by your primary care doctor.

Lab Testing

All specialty testing including adrenal and hormone testing, gut health testing, food sensitivity test, nutrition assessment test are available at additional cost.

Some tests may be covered partially or fully by your medical insurance. Please check with your individual insurance company.

Billing & Payment Options

The subscription plan pricing is as follows –
Focus Plan -$250/month for 6 months

Comprehensive Plan – $190/month for a year

Maintenance Plan – $109/month for a year

Ask about our reduced prices for full one time payment.

Payment Plans

Rose Wellness offers two payment options –
Monthly payment – You will be charged at the start of your subscription and fees are auto-debited about the same date each subsequent month.
One-Time Upfront or Annual payment – You will pay for the full plan at the start of your subscription. For a limited time, we are offering a reduced price for upfront payment.

Cancelling your Subscription

Functional Medicine is a journey and not a sprint and requires commitment to see long term sustainable results. Our functional medicine practitioner spends a significant amount of time with you starting with the first visit and is making a time commitment to your health and well-being. You can cancel after 6 months by giving a 30 day written notice.

The subscription plan contract will auto-renew for subsequent terms after your plan ends.

Insurance Reimbursement

The subscription plans are not a replacement for insurance. It is recommended you have an appropriate insurance plan to comply with the Affordable Care Act.

We are an “Insurance Free” practice. Our subscriptions plans empower you to experience high quality functional medicine care for your medical needs and avoid constraints placed by insurance companies. Our staff will provide you with a “superbill” with the appropriate diagnostic and procedure codes. The “superbill” enables you to submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursements. Rose Wellness physicians or nurse practitioner are considered “out of network” and reimbursements are dependent on your insurance plan. For blood work, insurance frequently offers full coverage.

Medicare Reimbursement

Our functional medicine practitioners have opted out of Medicare. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, you will not be entitled to any reimbursement from Medicare. All costs for services including prescriptions and laboratory tests ordered will be your sole responsibility and will not be covered by Medicare.


Many members choose to pay for their plans using FSA/HSA dollars.

However, please confirm with your individual HSA/FSA provider or benefits administrator.

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