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Your Health. Our Mission.

Founder's Message

I live in Fairfax county with my loving husband, two beautiful children, and an adorable coton-de-tulear. Spending time with my family is my passion and caring for my patients is my mission.”

Our health is our most valuable possession and asset, important in all its dimensions – physical, mental, and emotional. We believe in restoring and maintaining good health by strengthening the body’s own healing power to overcome illnesses. We are committed to working with you at your own pace and will try our best to fulfill the trust that you have put in us for your care. Good luck on your journey to optimal wellness!

In good health,

Sushma Hirani, MD

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you feel better about your life – to work together to make it healthier, more productive, and more fulfilling. Our practitioners believe in providing you an integrative wellness approach by combining the best of conventional and alternative medicine techniques. This type of treatment embraces the concept of mind, body, and spirit working together.

Our Story

Dr Hirani, the founder and President of Rose Wellness Center moved to Fairfax county from Michigan with her family in the summer of 2006. She has been practicing integrative and functional medicine since July 2006. She had a dream to open her own Integrative Medicine center where she would work with like-minded practitioners and provide holistic well-rounded treatment for the entire family – away from the restrictions of the insurance carriers.
Rose Wellness Center was started at its current location in Oakton Virginia in Dec 2014. Our practitioners have experience treating thousands of patients successfully and providing high quality care with compassion and great customer service.

Our Team

At Rose Wellness Center, we have an amazing team of skilled, caring, energetic functional medicine practitioners and a supporting staff that is committed to your well-being. They have many years of experience in holistic and integrative care and a reputation for excellent patient care.

Insurance Free Practice

Focused on you, not insurers

We believe in empowering you to have the freedom of choice to determine the best treatment options for your medical needs and avoid constraints placed by insurance companies.

We are an “Insurance Free” practice. However, we want to help you receive any insurance benefits you may be entitled to. After each visit, our staff will provide you with a “superbill” with the appropriate diagnostic and procedure codes. The “superbill” enables you to submit a reimbursement claim to your insurance company for reimbursements. Our physicians at Rose Wellness are considered “out of network.”

Most insurance companies offer some degree of reimbursement; however, you are encouraged to check with your insurance company about reimbursement prior to your appointment. Furthermore, if your insurance company needs further information, feel free to contact our office and our helpful staff will try to assist you. Please note that if you are a Medicare beneficiary, you will not be entitled to any reimbursement from Medicare. All costs for services rendered will be your sole responsibility.

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After 4 months, I have lost almost 50 pounds, 4 dress sizes and I feel amazing. I hate to call this a weight loss plan as what I have discovered is a whole new way of life. The nutrition plan, coupled with the knowledgeable, loving and encouraging accountability of Elizabeth McMillan, has changed my life as well as my thought process not to mention spending habits when grocery shopping. Thank you Elizabeth, you rock!
K Bowers
Dr. Hirani restored my well being. Her holistic approach to diagnoses and treatment proved effective across a spectrum of issues where other treatments had failed. Dr. Hirani brought me relief from severe fatigue and apathy, alleviated back pain due to spinal stenosis.
Going to Rose Wellness Center saved my life! When other doctors told me my illness was age related, and to get used to it, the team at Rose Wellness took me very seriously. I was treated by real doctors , given individual care, and a course of treatments that got me back to real health and wellness without strong medications that mearly treated symptoms. If you go you will find the team there really cares about you! I am in better health, fitness , and weight than I have been since I was nineteen. If you just can’t seem to find answers to your chronic health issues love yourself and get to Rose Wellness Center. I have been a regular patient for over a decade.

Where Are We Located?

Out of Town Patients

We welcome our out of town and international patients. Please let us know if you need any additional assistance when you are in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area.