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Health Coaching

Nutritional & Lifestyle Guidance To Support Your Healing

Chronic diseases plague more Americans than acute illnesses. According to the CDC, 90 percent of the $3.8 trillion spent on US healthcare is used to treat chronic and mental health illnesses.

Functional Medicine is well suited to assist you on your journey to optimum health and works best when there is a mutual commitment between you and your practitioners. Consistency and adherence to treatment plans leads to better accountability and healthcare outcomes.

Health Coaching

What Is Health Coaching?

A Health Coach works closely in conjunction with your functional medicine practitioner to improve your health, reduce your risk of chronic diseases, and increase your longevity. Establishing longevity and wellness is about a lifetime of healthy habits including exercise, diet, sleep, stress reduction and many more.

Things such as excess alcohol usage, a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight or obese, and eating a poor diet can increase your risk of several chronic diseases including heart disease, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), stroke, or Type 2 diabetes.

Holistic Nutrition Counselling

Benefits of Health Coaching

Our health coaches work with you to help reduce the risk of chronic illness by helping you make positive lifestyle modifications for the benefit of your mind, body, and soul. This includes-

When your whole body is nourished, your stress levels decrease, the risk of chronic illnesses decrease, and you will have a healthier and more peaceful outlook on life. As you begin making healthy lifestyle choices, you will immediately notice clearer skin, better sleep and an overall healthy life. You will reach a healthier weight and be better able to enjoy life.

Health Coaching is beneficial for everyone wishing to improve their health and happiness but is finding it challenging to do so on their own. We will help you work on your best self.

Role of a Health Coach

By embarking on this healing journey using functional medicine, you have expressed a desire to change. Our health coaches provide educational resources and emotional support as you heal. Your health coach will work closely with you to set obtainable goals and to track your progress on your journey to health.

  • Nutritional & Lifestyle Guidance

    We understand it may be overwhelming at times to make a lot of lifestyle changes to improve your health. Our health coaches will work with you one-on-one and help you reach your diet, lifestyle and health goals. This includes assisting you with detailed plans to take your practitioner prescribed supplements, cutting sugar, avoiding allergens, or finding adequate time to sleep.

  • Learning to Become Self-Reliant

    Your functional medicine practitioner and your health coach can only do so much to help you attain your health goals. Finally its up to you. We provide you the knowledge and the tools to assist you to follow through with the recommendations and treatment plan. We help you learn to motivate yourself to adopt healthy habits as the first step towards a healthy life.

  • Overcoming Negative Thought Patterns

    Negative thought patterns plague many people. A health coach can help you identify negative thought patterns about yourself, your health, and much more. Once negative, erroneous, and irrational thoughts are identified, the health coach will help you shift your focus to positive things rather than negative things.

  • Weight Loss for Health

    According to the CDC, more than one third of American adults suffer from obesity. Furthermore, 17 percent of children are obese. Health conditions associated with obesity include cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. A health coach does not exclusively focus on exercise and calorie reduction, instead, we work with you to alter how you view food and exercise. We encourage you to make lifestyle changes that are permanent and will improve your for years to come.

Health Coaching Telehealth

How Do We Help?

At Rose Wellness, we specialize in long term wellness and not just “sick care”. Our health coach provides extra one-on-one time to guide and assist you to implement your doctors recommendations and for you to ask all of the necessary questions on how to implement diet changes, adding movement in a realistic way, practicing a good sleep routine, ways to reduce stress, etc.

We understand that everyone is created differently. What works with one person may not work for another individual. Our health coach will look at your unique health needs as recommended by your doctor as well as your personal goals. Your health coach will work with you to discover what is needed to help you be successful at reaching optimal health and discuss the things that may be holding you back from reaching your goals.

Health Coaching

Nutritional and Lifestyle Guidance to Accelerate Your Healing

Our experienced Health Coach can help.

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