Acupuncture Back 300x200Acupuncture is an elegant style of medicine. It has a breadth not limited to the body, taking in the mind and spirit. It reflects the flow of nature and the impact of our living in time and space. As such one of the unique treatments I offer is a seasonal tune up. There are twelve energy Acupuncture Pain Relief pathways in acupuncture and they are associated with the seasons.

Autumn is associated with the Metal Element made up of the Lung and Large Intestine meridians. With a seasonal tune up we want to check in on the status of the meridians of the season. By engaging the metal points on the Lung and Large Intestine meridians we gain feedback on the health of each. Given the assault to our lungs that comes with cold and flu season it can be a great time to support our immune system. More and more research is revealing the role of the large intestine in our immunity and mental health. Chinese medicine teaches that Fall is the time for reducing Spring allergies.