Dr Shiller practices integrative rehabilitation medicine and pain management and helps people recover from a variety of injuries and illnesses. Since 1995 he has worked extensively with people after stroke, surgical complication, brain injury, prolonged medical illness, spinal cord injury, parkinson’s disease, autoimmune disorders, multiple trauma, chronic headache, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, severe deconditioning, and other disabling conditions. He has worked extensively with people in acute hospitalization, acute and subacute rehabilitation, and outpatient rehabilitation care.

Here he talks about optimal recovery from acute or chronic illnesses and pain.

Dr Shiller takes an integrative approach that understands the medical and rehabilitation issues, and incorporates appropriate complementary approaches including nutrition, body-centered therapies, functional medicine, trauma healing, and mobilizing the healing power of your mind-body connection. With a solid foundation in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (aka Physiatry) from Harvard Medical School, Dr Shiller pursued a fellowship in integrative medicine from the University of Maryland. He has had extensive training and practice of osteopathy, functional medicine, mindfulness meditation, psycho-spiritual counseling, and mindful movement arts like yoga and tai chi, and understands deeply how to incorporate complementary healing in the overall rehabilitation plan.

Dr Shiller currently serves patients in Virginia, Florida, New Jersey and Connecticut. To learn more about Dr Shiller, click here.