Healing autoimmune disorders naturally requires an effective and adaptable framework that takes the diverse issues faced by patients into account. While there’s no single natural cure for autoimmune disease, combining conventional and alternative therapies can lead to especially effective results.

The first step to autoimmune natural treatment is to have a comprehensive exam that covers family and social history to help us understand your symptoms and potential triggers for flare-ups. By identifying your individual and unique concerns, our functional medicine practitioners order specialized tests that help with a deep dive analysis of your immune system and antibodies. This assists in finding the root causes of your health issues and helps the practitioner devise a personalized treatment plan that combines the best conventional treatments with a variety of alternative therapies for optimum results.

Dr Sushma Hirani, our functional medicine practitioner, presents a webinar on autoimmune diseases and treating them naturally. Hope the video below is useful.

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Dr Hirani currently sees patients from Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.  In addition she provides telehealth consults for patients from Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania.