Homeoprophylaxis is not intended to prevent “illness” in the same way as vaccines. Its goal is to Homeopathic Flu Prevention exercise the immune system by familiarizing it with the frequency of viruses or bacteria, and to reduce individual susceptibility. This offers many benefits without the risks.

The immediate benefit is that once an individual is familiar with the energetic signature of a targeted disease, he or she can either recognize and repel the disease when met in nature, or mount an appropriate immune response to it.

No method is 100% effective. There is always the chance of catching a disease. The greatest benefit with Homeoprophylaxis is improved long-term immune function. A robust immune system is not likely to develop chronic illness. Acute illness may still occur since this is the body’s way to promote the greatest vitality.

All homeopathic remedies are highly diluted and are non-toxic.

Administration: these remedies are to be taken once a month, four days in a row as long as there is a pandemic. Dosage is the same for children.

  • First Day: Respiratory 200C one dose (5 pellets)
  • Second Day: Influenzinum 200C, covers all flus in general and respiratory viruses. One dose (5 pellets)
  • Third Day: Bacillinum 200C, for stomach flus in general and respiratory viruses. One dose (5 pellets)
  • Fourth Day: Aviare 200C, for all bird flus and respiratory viruses. One dose (5 pellets)

Instructions for Taking the Remedies

Homeopathic Remedy Northern Virginia

  • Remedies are very sensitive. Do not touch the pellets.
  • Put them in the cap and toss them into the mouth.
  • They should be taken in a “clean” mouth, free of food, drink, tobacco, toothpaste, mouthwash, any substance except water.
  • Do not take remedies within a half hour before or after eating.
  • Put 5 pellets into the cap and toss them onto the tongue. Let them dissolve completely. Do not swallow them. You can dissolve the pellets in water for very young children.

If you drink coffee, have your coffee in the am and take the remedies mid-afternoon. Avoid products with camphor, menthol and mint during the four days.


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