As the pace of life quickens and demands pull at us from every direction, it is more important than ever to find time to recenter our thoughts, our energy, our essence.  Awareness of our Mind and Body connection, and our place in the eternal cosmos isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but we all, in one way or another, need time to regroup. While some reconnect through listening to music, others read.  Likewise, some meditate or pray, while others simply sit down amid the beauty of nature, close their eyes, and seek to sense all that is around them.

The Benefits of Green and Blue

Nature offers a few of the best ways to clear the mind, declutter our thoughts, and focus on something more fundamental.  In fact, according to the British Heart Foundation, even just a view of a forest helps reduce cortisol (the stress hormone).   Moreover, nature improves your mood, reduces feelings of anger, improves self-esteem and optimism.

As an exercise of mindfulness, spending time in nature to ‘walk amid the flowers’ yields many positive benefits.  Simply pick some flowers, stop to feel the sun on your face, or listen to the wind in the trees or waves on the sand.  When you do, take a moment to feel the warmth of the sun spread through your body.  Feel your tension decrease as the sound of the breeze or the rhythmic cadence of waves transports you away from the stresses of the moment.  In the same way, you can reduce anxiety and support a positive mindset by gardening or tending a potted plant at your desk, listening to or watching birds, or taking an unhurried walk.  Nature heals us in a variety of ways.

Options for Rainy Days

Despite the benefits nature provides, we can’t always take a walk along the ocean’s shore.  In these situations, we can find alternative methods to bring a little sunshine into our lives.  Sit in the sunlight that is streaming in through the window, or watch a nature video to tap into the positive benefits of nature.  Moreover, when combined with a mental exercise to focus our thoughts, the benefits nature has increase.  To illustrate this, use the meditation below whenever and wherever you need.  It’s nature-focused, descriptive language is designed to promote the feeling of sitting quietly, enjoying the beauty of nature of a calm summer evening.

Touching the Divine

Feel the Lingering Breath of Day, Caress my skin with Smiling,
Under the Soothing Reassurance of the Golden Setting Sun,
Close my eyes,
Breath is Still and Calm, Sweet Repose Long Sought,
Birdsong fills the Deepening Twilight, Echoes of the Dawn of Time,
Darkness meets my Questing gaze in Emptiness,

Draw a deeper breath,
Sweet Tranquility Reaches out,
Brushes her hand across my hurried thoughts and distracted musings,
Resting upon my Upturned cheek
As the Softest Touch of evening Unites with rhythmic breathing,




Into the Depths of Quiet Being,
Transposing the chaos of everyday into Harmonious Liturgy,
Heartbeat sounding in my hearing,
Reminder of Precious Life,



Lingering Longer,

As the Gentle Touch of Your Thoughts finds me,
And Instantly I Smile,




Time slips through the glass as Union breaks the bonds,
Unfetters the shackles of worry and suppressed fear,
Kisses my Spirit with Peace and Sublime Serenity,




Hovering Wings of Majesty,
Love Falling like misty rain, Surrounding, Enwrapping, Invigorating,
Catalyst of Untold Alteration, Merging, Joining,
Tears of Quintessential Joy Softly Singing,




Refreshed, Renewed in the Lavender Light,
Birdsong fading, Cicadas Droning, Darkness Falling,
Eternity Calling,
Deepest, Cleansing, Stirring Sigh,
Turning my Face Toward the Starlit Sky
In the Presence of all that Truly Shines,
In Moments, Alone,
Touching the Divine


~Morgan ~